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Based in Leighton Buzzard. Low fixed-price covering Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and parts of Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire.

Hazards Be Gone! was set up to provide simple low-cost Risk Assessments to small local businesses. Running a micro-business myself I realised it wasn’t easy to find someone to carry out a Risk Assessment on my own home. Health & Safety consultancies exist, but it’s only worth their while to sell you an ongoing package: useful for a medium-sized company, but completely over the top for a home business. They rarely list prices, but they’re not going to drive up from London in a shiny suit for eighty quid, that’s for sure. Others will offer a Risk Assessment without visiting your premises, or sell you a template for you to do it yourself. I’m an independent Health & Safety Adviser with low-overheads (and I don’t charge VAT).

About Me

My name’s Chris. I’ve lived in Leighton Buzzard since 2015. I’ve been self-employed for much of my life. I was a London Taxi Driver for many years, and I was a Careers Adviser for ten years. I was also a Knowledge of London Examiner at TfL for while too. I’ve written a book about my times in the cab trade and I write articles for magazines. My entry into Health & Safety was part of a career change. I won’t be pushing services you don’t need. I mention my book every now and again, but I don’t sell stuff on the doorstep. I am proud that whatever I run I do so as a simple, honest, business, with transparency and customer satisfaction at the heart of it all.

I have a National Compliance & Risk Qualification (NCRQ) Diploma in Applied Health & Safety (Merit), and I’m a Graduate Member of the Institute of Safety & Health (IOSH).

Do I Need a Written Risk Assessment?

You’re on this website because someone’s told you that you need a Risk Assessment, yes? You have a duty to consider all Health & Safety risks that could affect your business, even if you’re self-employed and working alone. You don’t legally require a formal written Risk Assessment if you employ fewer than five staff members, but if you want to become a serious local player, or you need to convince a bank of your credibility, you’ll need one. You’ll definitely need one if you are after council contracts.

A person writing your Risk Assessment isn’t telling you what to do. I make suggestions that will exceed a legally acceptable level of hazard management. Legally, you must do as much as is reasonably practicable to eliminate risks, appropriate to your particular situation. No work place is 100% free of hazards, even if you wrap your staff and customers in cotton wool suits (and even then it’ll be inflammable). In any home business, hazards need to be identified, and risks need to be controlled.

Suitable For:

Childcare Services

Pet Care


Home Tutoring

Home Offices

Home Catering



Not Suitable For:

If you are running a nuclear power plant from your shed, this probably isn’t for you. This service is essentially for small local businesses. If you have lots of machinery or handle chemicals you’d best look for a H&S Consultant with this kind of specialism. Make sure they are properly qualified, and are members of the professional bodies, IOSH or IIRSM.

Watching the football: what are the Health & Safety Risks here? Alcohol, Croatian strikers, or violent cat?

How Does it Work?

You can write a Risk Assessment yourself, but you need to know what you are doing, and it’s a frustrating and time-consuming task. When I started Hazards Be Gone! I had home business owners in mind, and such creatives are busy people. A survey of your business premises will take around 30 minutes (only areas used for business need to be surveyed). I’ll then produce a formal written Risk Assessment, plus a Guidance Report, which is a brief explanation of points raised on the Risk Assessment. I’ll email both documents out to you, plus snail mail copies.

What Will it Cost Me?

£79 (up to approximately 30 miles: Luton, MK, Bedford, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans)

£69 (Leighton Buzzard)

I’ll travel further than 30 miles, but I might add on some mileage. Please ask.

This all-in price includes survey of business premises, Risk Assessment & Guidance Report.

A Review/Update costs £40. A Review is recommended every two years, or after a change of premises or working practices.


To arrange a visit, or to find out more:


01525 382 578

Hazards Be Gone! is owned and operated by:

Chris Ackrill, BA (hons.), MA, DipCG, DipNCRQ, GradIOSH.).

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